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Popov Vitaliy Matveevich, Doctor of engineering sciences, associate professor, head of the sub-department of energy and process automation, South-Ural State Agro University (75 Lenina avenue, Chelyabinsk, Russia),
Afon'kina Valentina Aleksandrovna, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of energy and process automation, South-Ural State Agro University (75 Lenina, avenue, Chelyabinsk, Russia),
Levinskiy Vasiliy Nikolaevich, Laboratory assistant, sub-department of energy and process automation, South-Ural State Agro University (75 Lenina avenue, Chelyabinsk, Russia),
Mayorov Vladimir Ivanovich, Doctor of juridical sciences, professor, sub-department of administrative and financial law, Tyumen State University (6 Volodarskogo street, Tyumen, Russia), 

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621.365.46: 664.83/85.039.51 




Background. Enterprises of agricultural industries and the food industry are in dire need of advanced technologies and efficient processing machines for the preservation of production. One of the traditional ways of conservation is to reduce the moisture content of biological raw materials and finished products. Machines for thermal and radiation drying are used for processing high-moisture products.
Materials and methods. The article presents a cylindrical type machine for infrared drying of high-moisture biological raw materials, the technological process is described. A distinctive feature of the drying machine is the use of low-temperature film heaters and the construction of the housing. An experimental comparison of the presented machine with a radiation-convective analogue was performed, energy consumption measurements and an organoleptic evaluation of the dried material were performed. For research as a material for drying, tomato was used as the brightest representative of high-moisture biological raw materials.
Results. As a result of the conducted experiments, a comprehensive evaluation of a cylindrical type machine for drying high-moisture biological raw materials in comparison with an analogue was carried out. The actual energy consumption, the amount of evaporated moisture, the quantity of finished products, the organoleptic evaluation of the samples, and the conclusion of laboratory tests of the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin were recorded.
Conclusions. The selected type of IR emitters and the geometric shape of the housing provide a circular effect of infrared radiation and exclude the need for mixing of raw materials, which increases the quality of the finished product and simplifies the design of the machine. Studies have shown that the use of low-temperature film electric heaters for drying high-moisture biological raw materials is possible, while vitamins and valuable substances are not destroyed, and the shelf life of finished products increases. According to the received conclusion, the samples of finished products fully comply with international standards. An experimental comparison with a radiation-convective analog confirmed the high energy efficiency of a cylindrical-type machine. For infrared drying. 

Key words

drying machine, infra-red drying machine for high-moisture raw materials, infra-red radiating element, biological raw materials, high-moisture raw materials, energy efficiency, analogue 

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